> Qiyun series-1
> Qiyun series-2
> Oriental saint water-1
> Qianyi tiger series
> 999.8QQ running water series
> Air source water heater series
> Split pressure series


Qirui staff united closely ,and strived diligently many years, and get the satisfactory honors. This is?? abundant accomplishment and great riches of the Qirui. It encourages everyone positive and highly-motivated, continues to satisfy and beyond the clients requirements, to get greater honors.
Famous brand Image Ambassador :<< Tong yi shou ge>> anchor Liang yongbin
Strong brand advantage: pioneer of national brand
Strong support for the marketing: the enterprise supply the Integrated Marketing communications planning
Perfect after-service system: possessing the all-way service system
All-round quality inspection system: the enterprise passed the ISo9001:2000 international quality and management system certificate, China national compulsory certificate(CCC certificate)