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Joint Set-tube solar water heating system operating principle
Joint Set-tube solar water heating systems, are set by the tubular collector arrays, heat storage tanks,
Auxiliary heating systems, intelligent control systems, a combination of pipelines and the circulatory system can be
According to arbitrarily set the required water temperature, with conventional energy sources with even achieve a 24-hour
Continued supply of hot water that is solar hot water heating systems.
Vacuum collector tube to receive solar radiation, will be collected by solar radiation into heat, by
Gradually heating collector tube and the water; when the water temperature inside the collector to reach set temperature
Through temperature sensors, temperature controllers and solenoid valves, pumps and other equipment, will be set
In the hot water heater to a heat transfer function of reservoir storage hot water tank, and at the same time
Automatically fill into the cold water. When the hot water tank reservoir water level reached the upper limit, the temperature controller to start with
Should equipment, operating mode the system should automatically be converted to temperature cycle in which the collector and water tank
Forming cycle, continue to make use of solar radiation energy, to further improve water tank water temperature.

Water engineering system design
1, collector inclination: unique collector tube placed horizontally for the international initiative. Vacuum collector tube columnar structure of the 360O natural light with tracking features, according to professionaltest, the collector for the heat for effective access to the best design, you can 0O to 90 ° angle from the scope of regulation may be based on any combination of site conditions into a multi-array multi-column form.
2, Roof: A Joint Set-tube solar hot water system maximum load 70kg/m2, roofing systems and combined withto achieve. First of all, to tryarranged in load-bearing walls or beams, and roof combination noodle bigger force more uniform density distribution should be reasonable and should not arbitrarily placed.pouring at the scene (to do with embedded iron) method, neither the original roof damage facilities (such as the waterproof layer), the future does not make an impact on the maintenance of water-proof.
3, the overall steel truss:on an east-west direction at transverse GB channel steel, channel steel and iron weldingembedded fixed, the overall channel welded steel truss beams on, steel structure system as a whole stronger, anti - strong wind.
4, windproof deal: In the collector array of vertical spacing between 2700mm to stay 200mm gap between each collector 150mm gap to stay in order to ventilation.
5, mine treatment: As the overall system for the steel structure, is a good conductor, can be a steel frame with the original building lightning protection system, and to ensure that there is not less than 10cm in length solid welding.