> Qiyun series-1
> Qiyun series-2
> Oriental saint water-1
> Qianyi tiger series
> 999.8QQ running water series
> Air source water heater series
> Split pressure series


Full butler 365
All-weather, the whole process of design, installation, maintenance, protection, maintenance, cleaning and seized a one-stop Qualcomm service, really a full range of enjoyable
Feel so that you feel fairly well-off consumer.

Super-long warranty Service
3-year warranty, life-long maintenance, the quality of the tracking card from time to time set up a return visit.

Gold Installer
Established to provide users with a variety of service programs, professional team, fast and efficient installation in place.

Gold designer
Designed for free expert consultation. According to type, size, light, strong or weak and so on. Designed to provide personalized programs.

Three bags of Service
Since the date of the sale, according to the relevant provisions of the implementation of three packs of Service.

Four-wide Services
The entire process - from pre-sales consulting to recommend Medium sale, delivery, installation, commissioning, to after-sales guidance, a return visit, the whole process of maintenance services.
Omni-directional - Service outlets across the country, no matter where home users can enjoy the intimate service.
All-weather - including rain and snow into account, as long as the user has been required, service personnel at any time to provide the best quality door-to-door service.
Himself - standing on the user position, patiently listen to their views, try to meet the needs of seriously cleaning the scene and refused any gifts.