> Qiyun series-1
> Qiyun series-2
> Oriental saint water-1
> Qianyi tiger series
> 999.8QQ running water series
> Air source water heater series
> Split pressure series


Company located at Qiantang River north shore view moist paradise, leather clothing—Haining. Northing Shanghai 120 kilometers, south neighbor Hangzhou 50 kilometers. Shanghai and Hangzhou are high speed, the Shanghai-Hangzhou multiple track, the Shanghai-Hangzhou railroad penetration, the amphibious transportation has been very convenient, within the boundaries has “small Xihu”the name provincial level scenic spot “Nanbeihu”

The Qirui solar-powered water heater Limited company is one cross international, the multiplex development group enterprise, including: Energy research ,environmental protection small household electrical appliances series, kitchen thing series, hygienic sanitary equipment series and so on. The subordinate solar energy enterprise is take the specialized research, the development, the production marketing as the integration enterprise, has the advanced technology, exquisite craft ,complete set mechanized equipment, but also has the advanced management machine-made and the perfect post-sale service network. And has set up the solar energy production base in mainland China, main production “Qirui” solar powered water heater. More than 30 varieties, satisfy the different family, the different local need.

The product inherits the German solar energy development the long history and the innovation technologies take the brand-new craft and the high tech as a body. Has determined oneself in the same profession superiority status, moreover by the high beginning, the high quality embarks throughout, enables its product forever to have in the market competes to struggle the strength.

The rich foresight’s Qirui solar energy, by the high standard autonomy, in line with “face the international competition, the science innovation management, has synergized the development plans to be stronger” the developmental strategy and “the lofty aspiration is promising, runs business by the wisdom” the enterprise culture idea, take the highly effective management as the support, take the technological innovation as the powder, realized the production operation to continue to grow high, create perfect “Qirui” series collection hot product and the service offers to the society.