> Qiyun series-1
> Qiyun series-2
> Oriental saint water-1
> Qianyi tiger series
> 999.8QQ running water series
> Air source water heater series
> Split pressure series


Use the new Freon-free foaming agent(low down the thermal modulus of the polyurethane protection layer)

Specific exhausting design (reduce the tank with the outside convection. Evaporation dissipation)
Vacuum tube : high borosilicate glass, magnetic control sputtering copper aluminum nitride absorption coating, ∮47-1500mm、∮58-1800mm、∮70-20000mm;
Storage tank: SUS304-2B imported food grade stainless steel, never rust, and reaches the standard drinking water
The shell of the tank: adoption the new imported color steel, anti-corrosion for 30 years, and electrostatic spraying, the outer shell appearing lustrous and brilliant due to paint metal pearl luster of vehicle craftwork.
Thermal insulation material: imported the polyurethane pro-environment Freon-free foaming agent craftwork, have good thermal insulation.
support material: imported good aluminum zinc steel, which adopted the high temperature Plastic Spraying of the ultraviolet rays.
Infrangible Articles: stainless screw.

Ways of the interface: underneath type to get water, overflow, and overhead or underneath exhaust (up to you)