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Titanizing violet gold tube
The collector tube is the core of the solar water heater.
Qirui solar water heater choose vacuum tube, the outside and inner tank both adopted international standard high borosilicate glass which can effectively resist the high temperature exploding tube , low temperature froze the tube . It is based on the three high-tech , adopting the advanced 12 layer sputtering deposition new technology , through the SS-C/Cu selective laminating absorption coating to make vacuum tube high absorption , low reflection. When through the vacuum interlayer , it owns specific hot insulation , and it can bear 270C when no water ,and has strong heat .
Anti-froze ability is very strong. It can resist -40 C and never explode the tube and froze the tube but work as usual. It fast accumulate heat, expel heat slowly.

Strong bear the high temperature It has specific three magnetic control sputtering deposition technology The absorption layer has stainless steel aluminum nitride , can bear 300 C and never age ,reduce the ability. It possesses better resisting high temperature , more longevity.

High efficient absorption The new interferometer coating boost the absorption 12% than the average vacuum tube . The tube is long and thick to ensure the fast collect heat and produce more hot water